48 Infinity Energy

48 Infinity is the extension of Vastuworld in the Bio-Energetic Realm. Since 1998 Architect Mayank Barjatya and his team have been helping people to balance their home and workspaces through Vastu Shilpa Shastra.

With the introduction of this marvellous Jain Science collaboration & Quantum Physics, human energies can be enhanced to receive the Vastu bliss along with Personal Healing.

The 48 Infinity Energy, is created through extensive research in reintroducing the effects of energy healing through a Jain panegyric, the Bhaktamar Stotra combined with Sacred Geometry & Cymatics as one synergized system.

48 Bhaktamar Infinity

Energy Cards

Until now, Bhaktamar Stotras, the classic 48 healing mantras, have been proven to have determining effects with sound alone.

But a Mantra without its Yantra loses the ability to connect holistically.

With the formation of a completely synergized system by adding sacred geometry to the existing effects of sound healing capabilities of Bhaktamar Stotras, this research by Bio-Architect Mayank Barjatya has resurfaced and redefined the performance of its energetics and its effects in healing. It is for everyone who understands or wills to understand the wonders of sound vibrations through geometry and infinity.

How does it work?

A derivation of Jain Stotras and Kabbalah Sciences combined with myriad facets of energy healing, 48 Infinity Energy is the characterisation of the effects of each verse on the consciousness and the physical realm in the form of the 48 Bhaktamar Infinity Energy cards. All 48 cards represent information through the sense of Yantra, Mantra and the Tantra energy.

  • An H3 Gold Lecher Antenna, is used to determine the location of imbalance in your body.
  • The antenna is then used on the Kabbalah Tree of Life metal plate to determine the corresponding zone of energy (Cosmic, Global and Telluric) that is affected.
  • According to the affected zone, a Tetracyt plate is chosen and the antenna is used on it to find the Bhaktamar Stotra number that will heal your identified issue.
  • The Infinity Energy card with your corresponding Stotra as well as your healing direction is given to you according to your derived number.
  • You must now face in your given direction, hold your cards between both your palms and meditate listening to the corresponding Bhaktamar Stotra to gain complete benefits of the process!

These Infinity Energy cards are made on activated wood, with engraved sacred geometry symbols and embedded Bhaktamar Stotra Vibrations.