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Health Vitalizers for the Mind & Body

Stupa is a place built in the memory of great persons, sages and Tirthankaras.
The Stupa was a place for distinguished masters to do deep meditation (sadhana) following the methods of Jain science of introspection and right philosophy. 
The stupa model is for personal telluric connection for each individual, where the Namokar Mantra act as a divine Jain scripture, energized by the vacuum of hollow space & special stone as a earth medium.
The shape and overall shape of the entire stupa model is made according to the golden section and specific mathematics.
The red colored Namokar mantra based on the floor defines a specific vibration in Prakrit language which is responsible for spiritual upliftment is beneficial.

How to Use

Stupa with high Telluric energy means that placing this model inside the home or workplace will help in increasing mental stability and financial gains.
The position of your hand on the stone creates a strong bio-energy force to reach your body which results in boosting your immunity.
Energy is the most prominent energy symbolizing stability and strong grounding. When you touch this stupa with both hands, you are connected with the Vastu of the universe.

When you sit in the right direction on the ground or Earth keeping the stupa in front, you can feel the energies radiating from the stone and reaching inside your body. Current model of Stupa with the base can be kept on a table or platform 30 inches above ground in south, south east and south west direction of the room or space.