48 Bhaktamar
Infinity Energy

Redefining the Energy of the

Bhaktamar Stotras

The human body, at every moment, is a full statement of being, of existence, constantly creating vibrations that affect everything and everyone around. This is an infinite exchange of energy with the ability to generate intangible dynamisms through countless mediums of resonance.

In today’s materialistic world, we forget to look inwards for the strength we seek. We know we are conscious beings, but we have little idea of the real potential inherent in our consciousness. It is only when we understand the zeros and infinities, entries and exits, lows and highs, and shapes and sizes of energies in constant play, can we begin to harness and utilize our full power to live as the superhuman beings that we really are.

In our day-to-day life, we are exposed to multiple energy fields. Some affect us positively, some negatively. However, humans today are prone to physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalance due to the lifestyles we lead. The energy fields that surround us and that are within us can be manipulated to create benefits. Energy healing, the term coined to describe this system of energy fields, has been practiced for ages in various parts of the world. The notion of the existence of human energy fields is found in Indian Vedas and scriptures, Chinese Medical Systems, and African Runes, stemming back a thousand years.
Jainism, a religion that originated in the Indian subcontinent, has made significant contributions to Indian philosophy, culture, ethics, literature, cosmology, mathematics, ecology, statistics, and science. It has managed to root faith in logic and demonstrated how concepts formulated in an ancient tradition can be applied to a modern quest for spirituality. Many concepts in Jainism have been scientifically proven, but the most extraordinary of them all is Infinity, which is the essence of Jain mathematics. Deriving from the Upanishads, Jain cosmology has stated that the universe, space, and time are infinite or limitless. It states that the universe has always existed and is nothing but Infinity and that it connects the past with the future and everything else the cosmos is made of.
These first forms of representations of energy transformations and movements have been in the form of lines, shapes, the relative position of figures, and the properties of space. This arrangement system of energy is geometry. We are synergized beings. Our existence is synergy. Every sound has a corresponding light (image, geometry) and vice-versa. Hence, sound energy too on its own is incomplete without geometry. But it can be said that geometry due to its basic origin, is the ultimate form of inexperience.

Sound (vibration) forms patterns of resonance penetrating through various other patterns. As we perceive sound and absorb it through infinite space, it creates a direct connection to our cosmic consciousness, because we are a part of this constant energy exchange- the loop of Infinity.


The human body restores the vibrational energy generated with the transfer of sound waves. This type of energy transfer encompasses waves and frequencies that produce resonance.


Each geometric design is a pattern of energy/force that can be heard in the mantra (sound-syllable) and each encloses its own unique power-pattern.


The dynamic movement of energies between Mantra and Yantra is hence described as Tantra.