Sound Geometry Energy


The human body restores the vibrational energy generated with the transfer of sound waves. This type of energy transfer encompasses waves and frequencies that produce resonance.

There are 3 aspects of sound energy in the Bhaktamar stotra– Mantra (sound syllable), Chhand (metre) and Avritti (Solfeggio frequency).
Mantra is a sound or an amalgamation of sounds, utterances or syllables. The whole of existence is a union of multiple sounds or mantras. Mantras, when used in certain ways, open the doors to wider and higher dimensions of life and experience. When we continuously chant the mantra, other noises in the body and mind get drowned out. Eventually, the brain is completely engrossed in the sounds, which then reverberate in the whole body. Further, one-pointed concentration brings in a cosmic expansion of the self.


Each geometric design is a pattern of energy/force that can be heard in the mantra (sound-syllable) and each encloses its own unique power-pattern. The physical medium resonates with mantras to create a multidimensional phenomenon or energy exchange power diagrams. This is also called sacred geometry.

Sacred Geometry is not just a spiritually significant symbolic representation but also a scientific representation of space and nature. A few facets of sacred geometry incorporated in the Bhaktamar stotra– Yantra(geometry/pattern), Akshar (seed alphabet), Hebrew Alphabets, Platonic solids and Glyphs.


Weaving together concepts, aspects, and forms of energy, we further explore the dynamics of energies and their effect in combination with the Bhaktamar energy. The dynamic movement of energies between Mantra and Yantra is hence described as Tantra.

Infinity, the fundamental ever-present concept in all forms of energy and movements followed by the similarities of the concept of Infinity in Jainism and Kabbalah philosophies, described in numerous energy zones of cosmic, global and telluric in human bodies, and the seven centers- along with their applications and effects in diverse magnetic fields, with directions of use.

The manifestation of 48 Bhaktamar Infinity Energy Cards

On understanding each element explored- the 48 cards came into being. These cards are a manifestation and composition of several dynamic symbols, each representing and holding potential meanings and powers to make a difference. With varying permutations and combinations each Bhaktamar Stotra card offers unique healing, and Sacred Geometry doubles the impact of the healing power of the stotra.

With the whole process in place, we now have an individual, who is facing a particular direction, holding a particular card of a certain colour, engraved with specific geometry, clasped between both hands, eyes closed, listening to the corresponding Bhaktamar Stotra being recited, with Solfeggio frequency and experiencing the transcendental state to receive energized healing via visualizations of geometry sensed from the cards at a subconscious