• Lokprakash aims to connect you with nature as per the Jain 14 Rajlok pattern.
  • It is a pattern of Jain cosmology.
  • The structure pattern resembles the energy pattern of the universe.
  • It is a big source of connecting Vastu to nature. It helps in balancing the mind and consciousness

Jain cosmology is the description of the shape and functioning of the Universe and its constituents like living beings, matter, space, time etc. kaal, dravya, bhaavand kshetra according to Jainism. Jain texts describe the shape of the universe as similar to a man standing with legs apart and arm resting on his waist.

How Does Lokprakash Work –

  • Lokprakash contains the cosmic energy of all 5 elements of the Universe i.e Earth, water, wind, fire and space, and circulates it everywhere in the premises.
  • Similar to how a lightning rod captures electrical energy and directs it to the ground through Earthing, Lokprakash captures cosmic energy of the universe and circulates it in the house and its members.
  • Crystal placed on top of the product absorbs the cosmic energy from the universe, the levels below it then disperse it.
  • The central rod does the energy Balancing.

It connects you with the Universe’s cosmic energy and creates an energy pattern in a holographic manner in the space around you.


How to Use –


Lokprakash should be placed at a higher level such that the crystal is at the same level as the center of your eye level. To intensify its effect one can also sit in front of it or hold it and chant the Navkar mantra.

While using it at an emotional level, Lokprakash should be lifted such that the crystal is at the same level as your Solar Plexus and the copper plate at the bottom rests on your palm.


Lokprakash should be placed in any noticeable area in your house or office. The goal is to notice it as many times as you can while going through your day to gain the maximum benefits. When the user looks at it mindfully, the pattern goes through their eyes and forms a continuous energy loop inside their body. Once the pattern is formed, the more they look at it, the more the energy will intensify.