Mayank Barjatya

Founder and Director

Mayank Barjatya is the founder and director of Vastuworld, with over 20 years of experience in Energy Architecture. His professional and educational background in architecture, human energetics, environmental studies and a strong interest in quantum physics informed his holistic approach in creating a design consultancy in Pune, India. Mayank is fueled by his passion for Indian Contemporary Architecture and German Building Biology Principles. He combines his learning from both to create spaces that are in tune with their occupants’ bodily energies.

Mayank’s work has been noticed and appreciated across the world. He has traveled to present papers and address conferences globally. Yet, he is constantly in the pursuit of furthering academic, research, and professional excellence in the field of Vastu. Today he offers consultancy on contemporary architecture and Vastu Shastra for residential and professional spaces. He also teaches young architects and Vastu enthusiasts on his bespoke models of energy rectification at . Mayank is also a Faculty for Design & Development at the School of Science & Design Innovation at New Earth University. 

Mayank owes his wife Priti for being his constant support, counsel and companion. Priti was his rock in uncertain times. She inspired him to dream big and showed him what he was truly capable of.

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Energy Architect | Building Biologist

His hunger for knowledge and determination to create healthy building systems has contributed to his many achievements –

  • Invited to participate in the Energy Medicine Congress in Heidelberg, Germany in 2004
  • Delivered a paper at IIT-Delhi on Scientific Validation of the Ancient Medical System in 2006
  • Presented a research paper on Earth Communication at Kerpic – Aydin University, Turkey in 2013
  • Was the first Indian to get a certificate for Teaching Radiesthesia & Geo-biology from Argo, Germany in 2014
  • Selected by Vastu Shilpa Consultancy under Architect. B.V. Doshi to participate as a Vastu expert for Amaravati Capital Complex Design
  • Presented a paper on Geopathy & Earth Communication at the Indian International Science Festival in New Delhi in 2016
  • Been a part of architectural panels and committees like the Big 5 India conference based on Smart City, the Bharatiya Vigyan Sammelan & Expo and World Congress on Vedic Science in 2018.
  • Recipient of the Good Karma Award for Energy Architecture from the Times of India Group in 2019.