48 Bhaktamar Infinity Energy

Redefining the Energy of the Bhaktamar Stotras 

The 48 Infinity Energy, an extensive research in reintroducing the effects of energy healing with a Jain panegyric- Bhaktamar stotra- with Sacred Geometry and Cymatics is one synergized system, of its kind

Until now, Bhaktamar stotras, the classical 48 healing mantras, have been proven to have determining effects with sound alone. But sound without geometry loses the visual energy connect and would be incomplete.

With the formation of a complete synergized system by adding geometry to the existing effects of sound healing capabilities of Bhaktamar stotras, this research has resurfaced and redefined the performance of its energetics and its effects in healing; for everyone who understands or wills to understand the wonders of sound vibrations with geometry and infinity.

A derivation of Jain stotras and Kabbalah sciences combined with myriad facets of energy healing, 48 Infinity Energy is the characterisation of the effects of each verse on the consciousness and the physical realm in the form of the 48 Bhaktamar Infinity Energy Cards.

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48 Bhaktamar Infinity Energy (English)
48 भक्तामर अनंत ऊर्जा (हिंदी)


Along with the 48 Bhaktamar Infinity Energy Cards, we recommend using the H3 Gold Lecher Antenna to measure bio-resonance frequencies and determine the ailment to be remedied by using these cards.


Infinity Bhaktamar Set contains – Bhaktamar infinity energy cards, i.e, each card is associated with lifestyle & health issues. and Bhaktamar Pendrive with 48 sounds. 48 Infinity energy cards are a unique solution for Vastu and human energy balance.